About me (DongXiao Ni) and dxni.net

Dongxiao My name is DongXiao Ni and I’m a web developer and programmer. I am from China and have been building websites since 2003. I am working in USPS as Information Specialist.. Since 2005, I have been providing custom scripting, web hosting, domain registrations and web development services. A portfolio of my web programming and design work can be found on my Portfolio page.

I am an asp.net programmer and enthusiast and like to share much of the code that I’ve written on another of my websites. I also lke Adobe products such as Dreamweaver , Photoshop, and Flash.

Web Development Blog

The primary focus of this blog is on the asp.net and tutorials that I write but I’m something of an Internet addict; so I do talk about a variety of technology-related news and events. I utilize a number of Google webmaster services and talk about those as well. You might also find me participating in a number of webmaster forums and related social media networks. Find links to my profiles behind the buttons in the header from this website.

As to my hobby, I like to cook Chinese food and take photos. So I will share my recipes and photos here too.

I invite you to join the conversations here and on my other sites and perhaps together we can learn even more about this great thing called
the Internet.